Philip Dall

Creative director, photographer and film-maker on the side.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

After our stay in Big Sur we ventured further north, up to Monterey and Carmel. Neither appealed to us so we ventured on to Salinas. It was completely deserted barring a micro-brewery, a cinema and the Steinbeck Museum. We visited all three, and the following day went on our way again. Sorry, no pics.

We stopped in at Santa Cruz and spent a few $$’s at the Boardwalk (theme park by the sea). I’ve never been to Blackpool but I imagined this is what it would be like, only without the corndogs.

They have the sixth oldest operational roller-coaster in the USA, named ‘The Big Dipper’. The thing is rickety as all hell and made entirely out of wood. It certainly was one of the most thrilling roller-coaster I’ve ridden, for various reasons. The beach was typical, and the sand extremely hot.